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Supporter is developed specially for cinematographic lenses ILLUMINA S35 of MK-II series with the aim to improve their performance during filming. The supporter ensures the smoothness of movement for lens focusing mechanism when additional accessories (LMB, Matte Boxes, etc) with weight up to 2 kg are mounted in front of lenses.

The Supporter is to be mounted on the tripod plate stands (19 mm wide) when the distance between stands is 104 mm.

The Supporter (hereinafter referred to as a Holder) is intended to ensure the smoothness of movement of a focusing ring of cinematographic lenses OKC-F18, OKC-F25, OKC-F35, OKC-F50, OKC-F85, OKC-F135 mounted onto a camera with two rods dia. 19 mm and the distance between rods 104 mm, with a distance to the lens axis 120 mm when the accessories with mass not more than 2 kg are mounted on the lens. 1.2Technical characteristics         Range of forces produced by a strut relative to a bush- (0.2-1.8) kgf;  Travel range of a strut relative to a bush - 8 mm; Travel range of a bush relative to a body - 50 mm;  Holder mass - 0.172 kg. 1.3Holder’s components The Holder includes:   -Body;   -Bush;    -Strut. Holder’s external view is in Fig.1 1.4Structure and Functioning  The Holder is mounted onto the camera’s rods under the lens mounted into the camera and produces a vertical upward force, compensating the weight of an accessory mounted on the moving part of the lens. The external view of the holder mounted on the camera is in Fig.2. The holder should be mounted as follows: Unscrew the handle of bush position locking and put the bush to the bottom position. Unscrew the handle of body position locking and put the holder to the camera’s rods under the lens mounted in the camera. Set a position of a scale of distances to infinity distance on the lens. Move the holder along the rods and raise the bush up until an edge of the strut touches the body of lens moving part in the point of connection of accessory setting diameter A and the cone. Lock the position of the body and bush. Mount the accessory. Unscrew the handle of bush position locking and make a force compensating the accessory weight by moving the bush upward. Coincidence of a mark on the strut with a plane B of the bush is equal to the force 1 kgf.Check the rotating torque of a distance-focusing ring. Set the bush to the position with a minimum rotating torque of a distance-focusing ring. Lock the bush position.